Slow Internet Speed? 5 Quick Tips to Boost Your WiFi

September 20, 2021 Harry Baker

Even if you don’t own a big house, you may still run into the problem of dead zones making your WiFi slow and sluggish. No matter whether you have a high-grade Linksys router setup at your home, if there are connectivity issues, you will not be able to make the most of your WiFi. Getting slow internet speed is common, but fortunately, having a roundup of this blog can help you in a big way when it comes to fixing slow internet issues. Here, we’re going to list 5 simple yet effective hacks for you to get rid of slow internet issue so that you can enjoy boosted WiFi signals in all areas of your home. Are you up for trying the tips?

Ultimate Tips to Fix Slow Internet Speed Problem

Turn off Your Router and On Again

Yes, you read it right! Like us, everything needs a break. If you want your router to perform at its best, consider giving it a break by turning it off for some time. You can also turn off your modem and PC. This basically is called the reboot process. When you turn on your devices after some time, you will surely feel a boost in the speed of your WiFi. It is recommended to reboot your WiFi devices periodically.

Change the Location of Your Router

WiFi signals can be blocked if your device is really close to things like metal objects, appliances, reflexive surfaces, aluminum studs, etc. Apart from that, your connection can also get interrupted by devices emitting radio waves like cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, baby monitors, and refrigerators. So, to avoid any WiFi-related issues, bear in mind to place your router far from such things. Besides, if you stuck your router in a corner or inside a cabinet, you will not be able to get proper WiFi signals throughout the land in your home. Therefore, keep your router in the central area and preferably on a higher surface.

Cut Off Unnecessary Connections

If a hoard of devices are connected to your WiFi, you may experience the slow internet speed issue. Make sure you connect only those devices to your WiFi that are currently in use. This is a good way to boost the performance of your WiFi and avoid unwanted lags. Also, keep in mind to protect the security of your device by changing its password. This way, no unwanted devices will be connected to your WiFi and you will be able to take your internet using experience to the next level.

Update Firmware

You can also speed up your WiFi by updating the firmware of your router. Firmware updates help in bringing bug fixes and adding new features to your device. So, if you update your device’s firmware to the latest version, you will be enhancing its overall performance. However, it is important for you to update the firmware of your router as per its model number. Because a wrong or corrupted firmware update can make your router non-working.

Get an Extender

Probably your router alone is not able to give you desired results when it comes to enjoying seamless internet connectivity. In such a situation, you can do Linksys extender setup at your home and boost the signals of your WiFi. An extender helps in boosting the current WiFi signals to the areas where your existing router is not able to deliver proper WiFi signals. This way, you can enjoy the internet even in those areas where earlier there were no WiFi signals.

These all are the ways you can try to get rid of the slow internet speed issue and make your WiFi super faster. Just in case, the above-listed hacks aren’t working for you and you are unable to boost the speed of your WiFi, feel free to get in touch with our technical experts for quick help. They will diagnose the issue causing slow internet speed and get you a fix for that.


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