Linksys Router Not Working After Reset – How to Fix

October 3, 2023 Grace Adams

Resetting is considered the final resort for getting rid of various issues related to a Linksys smart WiFi router. But, things can be different if the router refuses to work after the completion of the reset process. This blog will focus on the tips to follow if you find yourself in such a situation. So, let’s start our guide to troubleshoot the Linksys router not working after reset problem.

Why is Linksys Router Not Working After Reset?

Getting acquainted with the reasons behind the issue will help you address it more effectively. Although there are numerous reasons due to which the WiFi router denies working after getting restored to the default factory mode, the improper reset process remains the primary one. There are chances that you haven’t reset your WiFi router properly. Thus, before you do anything else, do yourself a favor and try to perform a factory default reset once again. Given below are the steps summing up the Linksys router reset process in an easy way:

  • Be sure that your WiFi router is connected to a fully functional power outlet.
  • Now, disengage the Ethernet cable connecting the Linksys router and modem.
  • Once done, try to locate the Reset button on your router.
  • Found the Reset button? Well, grab a paper clip or a similar sharp object.
  • Press the button using the chosen object.
  • Your WiFi router will reset if you keep the button pressed for 15 seconds.

Do not release the button before the suggested time frame. Otherwise, the process might not get completed and you won’t be able to make the Linksys router up and running. Therefore, you should follow the aforementioned steps very carefully. Just in case you are still struggling to resolve the Linksys router not working after reset problem, you can rely on the troubleshooting techniques highlighted in the upcoming section.

Solutions: Linksys Router Not Working After Reset

1. Check the Power Supply: There is a possibility that you are trying to connect your WiFi router to a damaged socket this time. It looks like you have decided to change the location of the router. Well, placing the router at an optimal location is a good thing. But, you cannot put its hardware unit to the stake by using a non-functional power outlet. Count it as a bonus, but using a UPS can be helpful if you live in an area that suffers power outages a lot.

2. Connect the Router to Modem: When the Linksys router reset process is performed, the user is advised to disconnect the router from the modem. We are assuming that you’ve also done the same thing. But, you must know that to proceed with the Linksys router setup process, it is important to connect the router and modem. Therefore, you are suggested to grab a fully functional Ethernet cable and connect it to the ports of your devices.

After you’re done implementing the techniques given above, your router will return to its working status again. Now, you can set it up using the instructions provided in the product manual. But, know that your router is running on the default settings. Thus, you are required to use them. For example, use the login password admin to access the router’s dashboard as the customized one will no longer be effective.

What’s Next?

That’s all about what to do to fix the Linksys router not working after reset problem. We are expecting that you will be able to get it resolved and make your WiFi router up and running once again. But, we suggest you go the extra mile and upgrade the firmware of the router to avoid performing a factory default reset process again. This is to inform you that updating the router’s firmware will help you keep it in pace with the latest features and functionalities. Apart from this, your router’s performance will be improved and so does its security.

So, what are you waiting for? Access the Linksys router setup wizard through myrouter.local (general series) or (smart routers) and install the latest firmware version on your router. You can download the router’s firmware file by visiting the official Linksys website and entering the model number of the product you own. After that, log in to your router and upload the downloaded file on the Firmware Update window. Trust us! Your WiFi router won’t put you in a bigger mess if you keep it equipped with the latest firmware version always. You can also consider rebooting the router on a regular basis to avoid an attack from network bugs.


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