What is IP?

What is IP?

All the devices in the digital ocean that we know as internet today communicate with each other using IP addresses. IP means Internet Protocol. It is particularly a set of digits separated by periods. Let us take the example of a Linksys smart WiFi router. One can access the Linksys router setup panel via the default IP and change its settings. Well, the example we’ve just given is not the only IP address. We will talk about here. Supported Routers

As there is a number of IPs on the internet, numerous WiFi routers and extenders are accessible via this address. Given below is a table that will help you know about the home networking brands that support this very IP:

Brand Globe At Home PLDT Frontier
Username user admin admin
Password @l03e1t3 1234 Printed on the label

You should know that the passwords and usernames of all the router brands we’ve given above are case-sensitive. Thus, you need to enter them carefully. Some of the Globe At Home routers have user details: admin (Username) and admin (Password). The password for the Frontier router login is given on the label at its rear panel.

Guidelines for Login

Understood which routers use this protocol for router login and what is their default info? Now, we are taking you to the steps that will help you complete the process. Here we go.

1. Connect Router to Computer

Start the process by connecting your computer to the WiFi router. You can go for a wired or a wireless connection. To use wireless connection, your computer should be WiFi-enabled. Also, you should choose the correct SSID and enter the correct WiFi password.


2. Open a Web Browser

Once your computer and router are connected, open the default web browser of your PC. The chosen web browser should be updated. If it is not, we recommend you update it right away via Settings so that you can avoid admin login problems.

Open a Web Browser

3. Log in to Router

Go to the router login page using the login IP address. You should input it into the address field of the browser. Two fields named Username and Password will also appear there. Type the router’s default values depending upon the brand you own.

Log in to Router

Note: You can’t log in to the router IP if you have changed the admin info. Proceed via the new password of the router in that case.

Solutions: is Not Working

The login process of the router will fail if the IP does not work. Follow the tips given below to fix errors:

Check the Internet Connection Use the Browser’s URL Bar
The internet connection needs to be stable during the login process. Thus, check the router-modem link and make sure that it is made with the help of a non-damaged cable. Many times, people use the search bar of the browser to access There is no such provision of using the search bar. It will give ambiguous results only. You should use the address bar only.

If you are still unable to access the login address of your WiFi router, you should restart the router once. Maybe technical glitches are the culprit stopping your access to the login page. Restarting does not actually require a lot of effort. The only effort you have to make is to switch off the router. Wait for a while and switch it on once again.


How to Change Password?

Completing the WiFi router login process will take you to the settings page. There, you can change the login (administrative) password. FYI, the admin password is the password that you use to log in to the router or another networking device. It is completely different from the WiFi password. The steps given below should be followed to change the router’s password.

  • Log in to the router management page using
  • On the Settings page, find the Management option.
  • Select Administration.
  • Into the Password field, input the password you want to give to your router.
  • You might be asked to re-enter the password.
  • Save the changes.

Note: The menus may vary on the router model you own. We’ve just given the general instructions to change the router password. Plus, some routers ask for the previous password too during this process. Thus, do not forget to mention it.

Steps to Find Router IP Address

In case you are unable to log in to the router IP even after taking care of all the factors involved, there is a possibility that it your router is operable through a different one. In that case, you should find the IP of the router. Follow these steps to know the process:

Windows PC Mac
Open Command Prompt. Select Utilities.
Type ipconfig. Open Terminal Window.
Press Enter. Type netstat -nr | grep default.
Different addresses will appear. Press Enter.
Your router IP will be the one next to the Default Gateway option. The IP of your router is written next to the Default label.

This is how you can find the IP address of your WiFi router. You can use it to complete the login process using the steps given above.

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