My Linksys Range Extender RE7350 Won’t Reset. What to Do?

November 1, 2023 Grace Adams

The graph of the users purchasing Linksys RE7350 extenders is rising day by day due to their amazing features. However, 40% of Linksys users have complained about facing issues with their extenders that forced them to opt for the factory default reset. However, things worsen when the Linksys range extender RE7350 won’t reset. Discussed in this blog is a similar case that happened with a user owning the same extender model.

The case went like this – I purchased an RE7350 range extender brought in by Linksys a couple of months back. In the very beginning, I had no issues. But, one day, my internet went out (it was the extender only). The extender stopped functioning. The WiFi connection went down and eventually became zero. It was solid blue no matter how many attempts I made to reset it. What’s wrong with the product? Does this Linksys extender won’t reset?

From the above two paragraphs, you might have got an idea of what we are going to address here. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

This is to inform you that the soft reset method won’t work in this case as the internet on your extender is not available. You have to proceed through the hard reset approach only. And, if you are already using the same method, you can refer to the information given here.

Why You Cannot Complete Linksys RE7350 Reset?

Before coming to any conclusions and implementing any troubleshooting tip randomly, we want you to walk through the list of reasons due to which you are not getting successful. Here’s why your Linksys RE7350 won’t reset.

1. Incomplete Process

You are not executing the reset process properly. Perhaps, you are pressing the RESET button for 5 seconds only. Or, maybe you are not pressing it at all. This can result in an incomplete reset process.

2. You are Pressing the Wrong Button

As mentioned in the previous reason, there is a possibility that you are not pressing the RESET button, are you pressing some other button? Well, it looks like that. Otherwise, you would be performing Linksys extender setup RE7350 again after resetting it.

3. Improper Power Supply

Although the distant one, still a responsible factor that does not allow your WiFi range extender to reset is an improper power supply. There are chances that your extender isn’t connected to a damage-free power socket.

Fixes to Reset Linksys Range Extender RE7350 Properly

The previous section made you aware of the reasons why your Linksys range extender RE7350 won’t reset. Now, we will mention some techniques that can be adopted to fix the issue.

1. Reset the Extender Properly

If you want your extender to reset, you are supposed to keep the RESET button pressed for at least 15 seconds. This action will ensure that every customized setting gets erased. Reboot your extender after that if it doesn’t happen by default.

2. Press the Correct Button

The Linksys extender RE7350 RESET button is generally present inside a hole with the same label. Also, it needs to be pressed with the help of a sharp object. Avoid pressing the WPS or Power instead of the RESET button.

3. Ensure Proper Power Supply

Lastly, pay some attention to the power socket supplying electricity to your RE7350 range extender. It is supposed to be non-damaged. You can opt for a UPS if your area suffers random power outages.

Still Your Linksys Range Extender RE7350 Won’t Reset?

If even after taking necessary precautions, you are unable to reset your extender, then it is time that you opt for the 30-30-30 reset method. It will ensure that your extender returns to the default factory settings easily. Walk through the given instructions to know how to perform Linksys range extender RE7350 reset by 30-30-30 approach.

How to Reset Linksys Extender RE7350 via 30-30-30 Method?

1st Step: Ensure that your RE7350 is connected to an up-and-running socket.

2nd Step: Now, press the RESET button using a pointed object.

3rd Step: Keep the button pressed for 30 seconds.

4th Step: Now, repeat the 3rd Step two more times.

The Final Note

This is what to do if your Linksys range extender RE7350 won’t reset even after making numerous attempts. We are now being hopeful that you’ll be able to complete the reset process of the extender and set it up again.


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