Why is My Linksys Extender Not Showing Up? Please Help!

November 17, 2023 Grace Adams

Whether you call it the Linksys WiFi not showing up issue or the Linksys extender not broadcasting SSID, the main point is that you cannot connect to the extender’s network now. With that being said, we have summed up a few instructions that will help you understand what to do if the Linksys WiFi extender not showing up issue troubles you. Keep reading.

Reasons Why Linksys WiFi is Not Showing Up

No matter whether your Linksys extender is not showing up on Windows 10 or on another device, the reasons behind the problem are almost the same. To make it easy for you to understand, we have simplified them as follows:

1. Your Client Device is Out of the Extender’s Range

When the client device (your windows 10 PC or mobile phone) is not in the signal emission range of the Linksys repeater, the chances of the appearance of the extender’s WiFi name on the network list reduce. Maybe the same thing is affecting your internet usage experience with the range extender.

2. You’ve Created a Hidden Network

Another common reason due to which the Linksys WiFi extender not showing up issue is not letting you enjoy wireless internet services is a hidden network creation. Perhaps, you created a hidden network during the Linksys extender setup due to which the extender’s SSID is not visible on any client device.

From the above-mentioned reasons, you can simply conclude that if you GET IN THE RANGE OF THE EXTENDER and ENABLE THE SSID BROADCAST, there is a chance that the issue will get resolved. Just in case, the problem is still not letting you access wireless internet connection, you can rely on the troubleshooting techniques that are highlighted in the upcoming section.

You can enable the Linksys repeater’s SSID broadcast by visiting extender.linksys.com and logging in to extender using the valid admin details. However, you need to utilize an Ethernet connection to connect Linksys extender to computer. Once you log in to the extender, select WIRELESS > ADVANCED SETTINGS. Advanced settings can be found under the dedicated frequency band. After that, you can enable the SSID broadcast.

More Fixes: Linksys Extender Not Showing Up

1. Try to Ping Your Extender

You should try to ping your Linksys WiFi repeater. FYI, a ping test can be done through Command Prompt feature. You are supposed to connect your extender directly to the computer to perform this test. Also, you will need the extender’s IP address to ping it via PC. For this, access the DHCP client table of the router’s web interface and note down the extender’s IP.

For ping test, open Command Prompt and simply type the extender’s IP followed by the term Ping. For example, if your extender’s IP is, simply type Ping and hit Enter.

2. Check If Your Router and Extender are in Sync

It is important that your Linksys range extender runs on the same settings as of the router. Especially, when it comes to the Network Name, Password, Channel Width, and security settings. Therefore, you are suggested to access the bandwidth related settings of the range extender and verify the same.

Your home router’s settings must be applied to your Linksys repeater as well. To check the wireless network settings of the extender, simply access extender.linksys.com on a computer connected to the extender and log in to it. Click Basic Wireless Settings to view network settings.

3. Power Cycle the Range Extender

Power cycling the range extender can also help you if the Linksys extender not showing up issue troubles you. This is because technical glitches get resolved when you power cycle the range extender.To power cycle the extender, simply disconnect it from its power socket and wait for 15 minutes. Lastly, plug the range extender back into its power source. After that, refresh the network list and check whether Linksys repeater’s WiFi start showing up on the network list.

If you want to get optimal results from the power cycling process, consider restarting the router too. However, if you do so, power down the router before the extender.The same sequence must be followed while powering up the devices.

The Bottom Line

You can easily get rid of the Linksys extender not showing up issue when you try your hands on the aforementioned troubleshooting techniques. We hope that now you have successfully connected your wireless clients to the extender’s network. Just in case, the situation is still not in your favor, you should reset the extender and set it up again.


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