Linksys RE6300 Blinking Orange After Reset (What to Do)

November 15, 2023 Harry Baker

Facing the orange light issue with a Linksys range extender is not a biggie. However, some users still suck at resolving this problem. Well, it can happen when the extender flashes the color orange after the reset process. Recently, a Linksys user complained that he was getting the Linksys RE6300 blinking orange light issue after he was done resetting the extender to the default factory mode via the Hard Reset method. His concern was that the extender was blinking orange even after executing the Linksys extender setup instructions using the WPS approach.
Are you facing a similar kind of problem with your Linksys extender? Worry not! If it is not the RE6300 model; the problem is not model-specific. Here, we have highlighted some techniques using which the orange light on the range extender can be fixed easily.

Why is Linksys RE6300 Blinking Orange After Reset?

There can be two main reasons why your extender is blinking orange after the completion of the factory default reset process. We’ve highlighted both of them below:

1. RE6300 Isn’t Connected to Router

The very first reason behind seeing the orange light on the RE6300 WiFi extender is that you haven’t connected it to the router. In other words, you have installed the extender partially. Since, the user filing the complaint set up the extender via the WPS approach, there is a chance that he pressed the WPS button once leaving the setup process incomplete. Those who choose to set up the extender through the Manual approach might have skipped an on-screen instruction.

2. The Reset Process Isn’t Completed

The Linksys RE6300 blinking orange light problem can also be an outcome of a partial reset process. Perhaps, the user did not press the Reset button properly. Know that the button needs to be pressed properly with the help of a sharp object and that too for 15-20 seconds. There are also chances that you pushed some other button instead of the Reset button.
So, these were the most probable reasons due to which the orange light blinks on a WiFi range extender. Apart from this, the incorrect distance between WiFi devices (extender and router) can also be the reason due to which you are seeing the blinking orange light on your RE6300. So, make sure that you have placed both devices at a distance of not more than 8 ft. Your devices are not supposed to be surrounded by WiFi interference-creating factors either.

Solutions: Linksys RE6300 Blinking Orange Light

In the previous section, we made you familiar with the reasons causing the orange light problem on your Linksys extender. It is now time to discuss the techniques that can help you fix the issue.

1. Connect Your RE6300 to Router

Execute the Linksys extender setup RE6300 properly. If you have installed the extender using the WPS method, then make sure that you are pressing the WPS button twice. The first time to establish a 2.4GHz connection and the second time for a 5GHz connection. In case you are using the Manual method, then be very sure that your devices are connected through a non-damaged Ethernet cable and the connection is finger-tight. And, do not forget the fact that the final extender-router connection will be only possible if you follow the correct instructions after accessing

2. Reset the Extender Again (30-30-30 Approach)

If you are still getting the Linksys RE6300 blinking orange light problem, consider resetting the extender through the 30-30-30 reset approach. In this approach, the user is required to reset the extender 3 times. Thus, what are you waiting for? Grab a paper clip or pin and locate the Reset button on your RE6300. Once found, press and hold it for 20 seconds. The same steps are required to be followed two times more. Your extender will reset properly and you are all set to perform Linksys RE6300 setup once again. Do not make the mistake of executing the incorrect instructions.

The Concluding Thought

As mentioned in the very beginning resolving the Linksys RE6300 blinking orange issue is not a big deal. You only need to have the right tactics in your hand. Since we’ve provided you with the most useful hacks, we are hopeful that you’ve successfully fixed the issue. Now, you can start using the extended network Linksys extender setup-xxx and enjoy it on your wireless client devices.


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