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When you access the extender login page i.e., you will be able to configure both basic as well as advanced settings of your extender. Just by accessing this web page, you can prevent your kids from unsafe websites, check the connection status, set up a guest network for your friends and family, and a lot more. Also, the extender can be set up only after logging into this web-based portal.

But what if you can’t access web address? Well, most of the users experience this issue. In case you are too facing the same issue, this is the page that is worth reading to you. Here, you will get to know the reasons behind this problem along with their ultimate solution. Continue reading.

Why Does This Issue Happen?

The issue with extender login mostly arises because of the following reasons:

  • You entered the wrong web address in URL bar.
  • The web administrations have issues with ISP.
  • There is a wireless connection between the extender and network but it doesn’t detect the internet connection.
  • The connection to the device is not set up.
  • Improper power supply to the range extender.
  • Obsolete firmware version.

How to Resolve the Issue?

In order to fix this issue permanently, walk through the steps given below:

  • Check the indicator light on your range extender.
  • Turn off the extender for some time and turn it back on.
  • Recheck the web address you entered.
  • Reset the range extender to default factory values.

Still facing the same issue while accessing the Use IP address for login.

Linksys Range Extender Setup – Default Linksys IP is known as the Linksys range extender’s default IP address. It is used to access the web-based Linksys extender setup page. Here are the steps for login:

  • Plug in your extender to a wall outlet.
  • Open a web browser on your PC and enter in the address bar.
  • A login window will appear.
  • Type username and password and click on login button.

Done! You are now on the web-based setup page of your range extender. Login Issues? login issues can be avoided or resolved using these troubleshooting tricks:

  • The router and the extender must be well connected to the power supply.
  • Verify that the connection light for every equipment is on (green).
  • Check every single cable between the router and the extender.
  • Make sure that the router has the same Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Service Set Identifier (SSID) settings.
  • Ensure that the system cabling is far from electrical plugs, interruption creating objects, and different appliances that emit solid electromagnetic waves.
  • Reset the extender to the factory default settings.

Can’t Create a Linksys Cloud Account?

Linksys smart WiFi routers incorporate a special feature dubbed Linksys cloud account. With this account, you can handle your router settings from anywhere even when you are miles away from your wireless router. Here are the steps to create a Linksys cloud account:

  • First and foremost, sign in to the router login page.
  • To do so, load up a web browser and go to the login page using the IP address.
  • Hit the sign up button.
  • Fill in the necessary details to the given form and click on create my account button.
  • Next, link it with your router and enjoy using the router from anywhere.

In case still the login page is not working or you’re facing some other issues with the cloud account creation, get in touch with our highly-experienced technicians. We have well-recognized to deliver high-quality and trusted customer service. What’s more, our remote assistance offers you targeted solutions saving your time as well as providing the superior experience.

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