Linksys RE6700 Setup And Configuration | AC1200 Amplify Extender
Linksys RE6700

Linksys RE6700 Setup Guide

The Linksys RE6700 AC1200 Amplify Dual-Band WiFi Range Extender is the latest extender with 802.11ac technology and a plug-in format factor with a built-in power outlet. After successful Linksys RE6700 setup, you will get up to 10,000 sq. ft. coverage. It repeats the wireless signal of any access point or router to provide internet connectivity in hard-to-reach areas. The extender also offers the option to use it as a wired range extender (Access Point mode) or a wireless range extender (Range Extender mode).

Linksys Extender Setup RE6700 Instructions

Setting up the RE6700 AC1200 AMPLIFY Dual-Band WiFi Range Extender is easy with its browser-based setup feature. There’s no need for an installation software or setup CD.

Before you start the Linksys extender setup RE6700 process, ensure the following:

  • An active WiFi connection.
  • Your WiFi name (SSID) and WiFi password/security key.

QUICK TIP: The WiFi name and password are from your existing WiFi settings and are case-sensitive. For instructions on how to check your WiFi settings, contact our experts at toll-free 1-888-887-5015.

  • The RE6700 should be plugged into a power outlet. Wait until the light starts blinking before starting the Linksys RE6700 setup process.

Follow the steps below to install your RE6700 range extender:

  • Apply a proper power supply to a range extender.
  • If your extender has antennas, put them correctly.
  • Switch on your computer.
  • Click on its WiFi icon and select a network to connect to.
  • Enter the password to make a proper connection.
  • Open the web browser you want to use.
  • Write http // RE6700 and press enter key.
  • Let the WiFi extender login page completely load.
  • Fill in the username and password to continue.
  • Now, click on login button.
  • Click on the Start Setup button.
  • Select your WiFi network.
  • Enter your WiFi password in the field, then click Next.
  • Create an admin password to secure your RE6700. Optionally, you may also add a password hint.
Linksys RE6700

Your Linksys RE6700 setup has been done. If the above steps didn’t work for you, visit our Linksys Extender Setup page and install your extender via the WPS method.

In case you are still unable to complete your Linksys extender setup RE6700, contact our experienced technicians.

Troubleshooting: Unable to log into the Linksys extender’s web-based setup page

Accessing your Linksys extender setup RE6700 web-based page allows you to configure its advanced settings. If you encounter problems while accessing it, this can be due to the following reasons:

  • The range extender is wirelessly connected to your network but it’s not detecting the internet connection from your network
  • Connection to the device is not established

Before you begin, make sure that you have tried accessing your Linksys RE6700 setup page using its IP address.

Perform the following steps below if you are having problems accessing the extender’s web-based setup page:

  • Check if your computer is connected to the range extender’s WiFi.
  • Check the indicator light of the range extender.
  • Cross-check the web address you have entered.
  • Check the computer’s connectivity to the device.
  • Ensure to use the latest version of your web browser.
  • Power-cycle the range extender.
  • Reset the extender to factory defaults.

Still facing the same issue? Get immediate assistance from our well-trained technicians by dialing the toll-free 1-888-887-5015.

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