How to Extend WiFi to Another Building or Floor?

April 5, 2024 Grace Adams

WiFi routers don’t have much WiFi signals range that can reach to another building or floor. But, if you connect a range extender to WiFi, then you will experience extended internet signal.

You can choose one of the brands like Netgear, Linksys, TP-link and wireless-N. These brands are known to deliver best WiFi extender to users.

Here, you will get to know how to extend WiFi to another building, which you can do with the help of the setting up your extender, some more important settings that you should enable or change from the router interface.

So, let’s start with establish Linksys extender setup in your house to extend the network to other floor of the building.

Let’s Setup Linksys Extender to Expand Signals to Next Floor

There are easy steps to boost and extend your WiFi signal of the router by setting up Linksys extender, which is one of the famous networking devices brands.

Connect Extender to Router

To link your router to Linksys WiFi extender, there are two methods one with WPS button wirelessly (if your router has WPS button), and other is with the help of Ethernet cable.

a. Via Ethernet Cable

To connect with the help of the cable, just place extender near to the router, and connect cable to the WAN port of the extender and LAN port of the router.

Make sure that you won’t insert cable ends to incorrect ports. Also check the cable and be sure that it is not damaged and don’t have any cut.

It is time to start up the extender by plugging in the extender in to a good condition electric wall socket and pressing the power On/Off button.

b. Using WPS Button

If your WiFi router has WPS button, then you can connect the extender with the router without using any cable or wire.

At first, just turn on the extender by plugging in the extender in to the wall socket and hitting the power button.

Now, press the WPS button given on the router and extender and connect them automatically.

After, connecting the router to the extender, you must access the interface of Linksys using your computer via


Access to Linksys Interface

  • Connect the computer or laptop with the help of the LAN cable.
  • Find and open the browser in your computer, then search
  • Interface login page will load on the web browser, where you have to enter credentials.
  • You will find the login credentials (username and password) in the user manual of the extender.

Adjust Settings of Range Extender

  • Now, access the main menu of the interface and adjust the settings.
  • You can also update extender firmware by going into settings>Firmware> clicking on Search and Update.
  • You must change admin credentials by going to the settings> Admin> Edit password and add a new.

Now, you can enjoy the internet services to another floor or building. But, there are other methods to extend router signals. Let’s have a look how to extend WiFi to another building or floor by using other ideas.

Some Other Ideas to Extend Network

Change frequency to 2.4 GHz

You should change the band frequency of the router as well as extender from 5GHz to 2.4GHz. You can easily change it by accessing the interface of the router and extender. Go to settings and click to Wireless> change the frequency to 2.4GHz.

Keep away electronic devices

Electronic devices are the biggest reason for network interruption. So you must make sure that the router and extender is far away from the electronic devices like microwave ovens.

Use boosters and mesh systems

Extender is one of the method to the extend WiFi signals to next floor of the building. But there are more like mesh system, which you can connect with the modem or boosters that help router to boosts internet signals.

Ending Lines

Here in this blog post, you have learned how to extend WiFi to another building or floor. We have recommend to connect Linksys range extender to your home router wirelessly, and some other ideas to expand the signals. Hope, you have made your mind to purchase a new extender to expand WiFi to another building.


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