How to Connect Apple HomePod to Linksys WiFi Extender?

February 20, 2024 Grace Adams

If you’re a fan of experiencing home filling sound, then you should definitely invest in an Apple HomePod. But, you need to connect it to your WiFi network in order to make things possible. Through this blog, we will try to explain the same. We have taken the example of a Linksys extender WiFi network. So, read on to know how to connect Apple HomePod to Linksys WiFi extender network.

Before Getting Started with the Apple HomePodWiFi Connection

Prior to beginning the connection between an Apple HomePod and Linksys extender WiFi network, we want to make a few things very clear. First of all, you need to make sure that you have completed theLinksys extender setupusing the URL or the WPS approach. Apart from this, your extender must be broadcasting the WiFi network.

Another thing you need to remember while learning how to connect Apple HomePod to Linksys WiFi extender network is that you cannot complete this process via a Mac. The setup or the connection process can be done only via an iPad or an iPhone. You also need to ensure that your devices are running on the latest iOS version. Just in case you are planning to connect a 2nd generation HomePod to the Linksys WiFi extender network, you need to ensure that your iPhone or iPad is operating on the iOS 16.3 or later version.

Note: The Apple HomePod can only join the WiFi network to which your iPhone is connected.So, you must connect your iPhone/iPad to the Linksys extender WiFi network. Only then you will be able to connect your Apple HomePod to the Linksys WiFi extender network. And know that you cannot use personal hotspots for the connection process.

How to Connect Apple HomePod to Linksys WiFi Extender Network?

We are now expecting that you have fulfilled all the necessary prerequisites of the connection process between your Linksys extender and the Apple HomePod. Now, we are moving ahead to discuss the actual connection process. It is suggested that you pay attention to the steps very carefully. Otherwise, there are chances of you getting failed.

1. Power Up the Apple HomePod

You are first of all required to plug your Apple HomePod into a working power source. For this, place your Apple device on a solid surface having at least 6 inches of space around it. Once you power up the HomePod, wait for the chime. See whether the pulsing white light appears on the top of your HomePod or not. If yes, then move to the next step.

2. Bring the iPhone Connected to Linksys Extender Closer to HomePod

The next step is to unlock your iPhone or iPad and connect it to the WiFi network of your Linksys extender i.e. Linksys extender setup-xxx. You are now required to hold your mobile device closer to the Apple HomePod. You will soon see it on your device’s screen. Once that happens, select Set Up. If that does not happen, it is recommended that you lock your mobile device and unlock it once again.

3. Hold Your iPhone/iPad Over the HomePod

You will now be prompted to centre the Apple HomePod in the viewfinder on the mobile device. On the off-chance, you are unable to use the camera, it is suggested that you enter the passcode manually and Siri will soon respond by providing you with a 4-digit passcode/password to enter on the iPhone/iPad.

4. Finalize the Connection Between HomePod and Linksys Extender

connection between homepod and linksys extender

Now, you will see a certain prompts on the screen of your iPhone or iPad. These instructions will help you choose your settings and finalize the connection. Very soon you will be notified that you have successfully connected your Apple HomePod to Linksys WiFi extender network. You are supposed to tap Done once the connection process is completed. This is for your general information that as soon as the setup process gets completed, you can use the Home app to manage your HomePod. Now, you are free to play audio using Siri on your Apple HomePod.

The Final Words

We have now reached the end of the post explaining how to connect Apple HomePod to Linksys WiFi extender network. If you have completed the process, then we would like to congratulate you as a large proportion of users consider this as an ordeal. The amalgamation of Apple HomePod with the Linksys WiFi extender network is a great thing you have done. The reason being a Linksys range extender is capable of providing the internet signals in the weakest internet spots of the house.

It is now expected that you are enjoying the home filling audios with the help of this new combination you have created. Just in case you are in the mood of changing the WiFi network on which your Apple HomePod is operating, you are suggested to use the Home application for the same.


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