How to Connect Honeywell Thermostat to WiFi (Step-by-Step)

February 16, 2024 Grace Adams

Think of a Honeywell thermostat and you will end up imagining a device or a component that detects the temperature of a physical system. After that, all it does is to maintain the system’s temperature near a desired setpoint. A thermostat functions by generating signals when the temperature rises or falls below the desired value. However, you need to connect it to WiFi to make it functional. Do you know how to connect Honeywell thermostat to WiFi? Worry not! This blog will explain the same. Keep reading.

Key Highlights

There are two methods to connect a Honeywell Thermostat to WiFi. The first method requires you to use the Thermostat touchscreen whereas the second method involves using the WiFi setup mode.

The instructions that we are going to disclose in this post will employ to all gateways no matter whether you have done Linksys WiFi extender setup in your house or have installed some other gateway.

You can use these instructions if you own iOS 11.3 or later or Android 5.0 or later.

How to Connect Honeywell Thermostat to WiFi (Using Touchscreen)

  • Turn on your Honeywell thermostat and tap the Menu button.
  • The button is located at the right of the screen and next to the Home, Fan, and System option.
  • On the next window, you are suggested to tap the option that is labeled as Wi-Fi Setup.
  • The list of available WiFi networks will appear in front of you.
  • Now, you need to tap the network that belongs to your host gateway.


Note: You need to select the network to which you want to connect your Honeywell thermostat. For example, if you want to connect your Honeywell Thermostat to a Linksys WiFi range extender, you should choose the network name “’”. This is the default WiFi name of a Linksys extender. Choose the customized one in case you have changed the extender’s SSID.

  • You are supposed to use the arrow buttons to navigate to the desired WiFi network.
  • Enter the WiFi password using the touchpad of your Honeywell thermostat and tap Done.
  • You will see a message saying “Your thermostat has successfully connected to your network”.
  • Tap Next and start using the thermostat.

This was just one method explaining how to connect Honeywell thermostat to WiFi. Since there is another method too, it is recommended that you walk through the same so that you can decide which one is easier to execute.

How to Connect Honeywell Thermostat to WiFi (Wi-Fi Setup Mode)

  • Start by putting your Honeywell thermostat in the Wi-Fi Setup mode.
  • For this, press the FAN button + UP arrow.
  • You are supposed to release them once you see a set of numbers.
  • If you want to change the number of the left to 39, you need to press Next.
  • If you wish to change the number right to 0, you are supposed to press the Down arrow.
  • To reach the main screen of the thermostat, you need to select the Done button.
  • Now, open WiFi settings on a phone or your computer.
  • The network of the thermostat is supposed to be located here.
  • The network name is most likely to be “NewThermostat” or similar.
  • Now, load the default internet browser of your device.
  • The WiFi setup page will appear.
  • In case you cannot see the WiFi setup page, you need to visit
  • Choose your home network (Linksys extender network).
  • Input the WiFi password.
  • Tap Connect.
  • Check the Honeywell thermostat’s screen.
  • If the “Wait” message changes to “Connection Success”, it means you’ve nailed it!

This is how you can connect Honeywell thermostat to a WiFi network of your choice. Once the connection is successful, the thermostat’s display will show you the signal strength of the WiFi network in the upper right corner of the screen. You can now control your Thermostat’s activity from the Total Connect Comfort’s website or the dedicated mobile application.

The Final Words

A Honeywell thermostat has myriad benefits to offer. It can be controlled from your mobile phone and you will be able to monitor the outdoor temperature. You will also be able to set your thermostat when you are away thereby can save a lot of energy. We are now wrapping up our guide explaining how to connect Honeywell thermostat to WiFi of a range extender. We hope that you will set alerts so that you can be notified when the temperature gets too cold or too warm. The major advantage that a Honeywell thermostat offers is that after connecting it to WiFi, you can control it with your voice. You just have to say “Hello Thermostat” to your mobile phone and then choose a preprogrammed voice command. And yes, you are also free to use multiple thermostat so that you can monitor humidity and temperature in each and every room of your house.


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