Linksys Router Setup

Linksys Router Setup

Linksys WiFi routers are widely used devices to get WiFi everywhere in the home or workplace. It receives the wired internet connection provided by your modem and transforms it into a WiFi signal. Once done with the Linksys router setup, you will enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection on all your WiFi-enabled devices.

Quite unfamiliar with the process of how to setup a Linksys router? We have got you covered! Here, we will let you know the complete steps to follow for Linksys wireless router setup. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Prerequisites to Setup Linksys Router

Before you setup Linksys router, here are the essential requirements you need to take care of:

  • The existing modem
  • A network cable
  • An active internet connection
  • A computer or laptop
  • An updated web browser installed on your PC
  • Of course, a Linksys router

How to Setup Linksys Router Using the Smart Setup Wizard?

It’s pretty easy to setup Linksys router using the Linksys smart WiFi setup wizard. You can access the Linksys smart WiFi setup wizard through a compatible web browser. The smart setup wizard comes embedded in the firmware and is accessible even if the router is in its default settings or doesn’t have an internet connection.

Here’s how to setup a Linksys router using the smart setup wizard:

  1. On the off chance if your Linksys smart WiFi router includes external antennas, attach them to the router properly.
  2. Plug your router into a working electrical outlet and turn it on.
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable from your Linksys router to the modem.
  4. Now, put your computer or laptop on power. Ensure to connect it to a reliable internet connection.
  5. Load up an internet browser of your choice.
  6. Type in the URL bar and hit the Enter key.
  7. The Linksys smart WiFi setup wizard will appear on the screen.
  8. Click on the Next button.
  9. A new window will pop up. By default, the box stating ‘Install future router updates automatically’ is checked. You can uncheck it to control when you want to perform auto-update.
  10. Hit Next to proceed with the Linksys router setup process.
  11. Type the desired WiFi name and password in the given fields and click on the Next button.

In the event that you see the “Your router is set up!” message, it indicates that you have completed the Linksys router setup successfully. Just hit the Next button to complete the entire Linksys wireless router setup.

That’s how to setup Linksys router using the Linksys smart WiFi setup wizard. On the off chance if you come across any issue while setting up and installing your Linksys router, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professionals.

How to Setup a Linksys Router With Cable Internet Service?

You can setup Linksys router with a cable internet service either by using the installation CD or manually configuring the settings of your router. If you have lost or misplaced the installation CD (which is very common!), you need to manually configure your Linksys router.

Here’s how to setup a Linksys router with cable internet service:

extender.linksys com
  1. Grab an Ethernet cable and use it to connect your Linksys WiFi router and modem.
  2. Next, plug your router into a power outlet and turn it on.
  3. Power on your computer or laptop.
  4. Launch one of the installed web browsers such as Safari, Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.
  5. Type the default IP address of your Linksys router in the address bar and press the Enter key.
  6. The Linksys Router Login window will appear.
  7. Thereafter, enter the user ID in the Username field and password in the Password field.
  8. Click on the Ok button. The Linksys smart WiFi setup wizard will display.
  9. Next, go to the MAC Address Clone section.
  10. Hit the Clone My PC’s MAC option.
  11. Once done, click on the Save Settings button.
  12. As soon as the MAC Address Clone feature is turned on, internet status should be active.
  13. Hit the Status tab.
  14. Check the Internet IP Address. In the event that it includes numbers, it means that the router has been properly configured.

Congrats! You are all done with the Linksys router setup process. In case you find any difficulty while installing your router, feel free to contact our technical experts anytime.

Still Can’t Setup Linksys Router?

If even after following the aforementioned steps, you are unable to perform the Linksys wireless router setup, the below-given troubleshooting steps will help you out:

  • Ensure that your Linksys smart WiFi router is placed in the same room as that of your modem. However, once you have setup Linksys router, you can place it anywhere in your home or office.
  • Check the LED status of your Linksys router. All LEDs on it should be solid green.
  • The router should receive constant power supply from its respective wall socket.
  • Confirm that all wired connections are proper. No wire should be damaged.
  • Power cycle your Linksys wireless router as well as the modem. Power cycle means turning your router off and then turning it back on again after some time.
  • In order to fix VPN issues during the Linksys wireless router setup process, disable the proxy servers as well as the firewall.
  • Be certain that the web browser you are using to access the Linksys smart WiFi setup wizard is up-to-date. Also, it should be free from the clutter of junk files, cookies, cache, and browsing history.
  • In the event that you have multiple devices currently connected to your network, turn off the devices that are currently not in use.
  • In case the default user ID and password not working, cross-check the Linksys router setup credentials in the manual.
  • Update your Linksys WiFi router’s firmware to the most recent version.
  • If you still can’t setup Linksys router, reset your router to its default factory settings.

On the off chance if you are unable to reach the Linksys smart WiFi setup wizard or facing difficulty during the Linksys router setup, contact our well-versed technicians and let them help you out.

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