How Do I Set Up a Linksys MR7350 WiFi Router?

February 27, 2024 Grace Adams

Equipped with concurrent dual-band and intelligent mesh technology, Linksys MR7350 is a mesh WiFi router that offers WiFi speeds up to 1.8 Gbps. If you are tired of slow WiFi speeds offered by your modem, MR7350 Max-Stream AX1800 WiFi 6 router is an ideal choice for you. Connect it to the modem and witness how the WiFi magic unfolds in your house to provide you unlimited internet access.However, there is also a privilege of setting this router as a secondary node in a mesh WiFi system. In other words, you have to set up the router to take the advantages of its stupendous features.

With the help of this blog, we will try to make you learn the entire installation process of your WiFi router. Just make sure that you have a working internet connection.

Steps to Complete Linksys MR7350 Setup

You can install this WiFi router with the help of the Linksys mobile application that facilitates a user to perform various operations related to Linksys devices. It means no matter whether you want to do Linksys extender login or are in the need of doing Linksys router setup, the mobile application has everything to offer. The steps to complete the installation process MR7350 max router as mentioned below:

Note: Remember that if you are trying to set up the mesh router as a parent node, it is recommended that you factory reset all the nodes in the system and add them after you are done making the router up and running.

  • Create a LAN connection between your modem and the Linksys MR7350.
  • The LAN cable must go from the LAN1 port of the modem to the WAN port of your Linksys WiFi router.
  • During this connection process, you are required to keep your devices powered down.
  • After hardwiring your devices, switch them on.
  • Be sure to power up the modem before the mesh router.
  • Now, unlock the mobile phone and connect it to the network that your Linksys MR7350 router is broadcasting.
  • Go to the application store and search for the Linksys mobile app.
  • Get the app downloaded on your mobile phone.
  • Be certain that you install the latest stable version of the Linksys app.

The Linksys mobile app is compatible with iOS 11.4 and later, and Android 6.0 or more.

  • You need to launch the Linksys app now.
  • Since you are setting up the mesh router for the first time, you need to select the option that says, “Launch Setup”.
  • If you are setting up the mesh router using an iPhone, you are suggested to tap the “Set Up a New WiFi Network” option.
  • You might need to create a Linksys account.
  • For this, input the email address and password.
  • After creating the account, select the router model i.e. MR7350 in the app.
  • You will be greeted by a few on-screen instructions.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the installation of your Linksys mesh router.

In this way, a Linksys MR7350 router can be made up and running. Know that the instructions appearing on the screen of your mobile phone will ask you to turn on the Bluetooth feature. This is a part of the setup and connection process which helps your mobile phone to locate the mesh router faster. Thus, you must turn on the Bluetooth. Apart from this, the instructions will ask you to equip your router with the latest firmware version.

Once you are done with the installation of your router i.e. when the Linksys router setup process is completed, you are required to customize a few settings that are mentioned in the upcoming section.

What to Do After Connecting MR7350 Router?

The following settings are supposed to be customized and should be taken notes of once the router is successfully added to the home network:

  • WiFi Name: It is also known as SSID and is the network name that your Linksys MR7350 router broadcasts.
  • WiFi Password: The password that corresponds to the network broadcasted by the router. Users also call it network key.
  • Router Password: The password that you will use to access the admin page of your Linksys wireless router.
  • Guest Network Name: SSID of the network that you’ve created for your guests. It is a network different from your main WiFi.
  • Linksys App Login Email Address: The email address that will allow you to manage and monitor all the Linksys devices present in your home network.
  • Linksys App Password: The key to unlock access to all Linksys devices you own.

The Concluding Thought

Our guide explaining how to set up Linksys MR7350 router ends here. We are now expecting that you have successfully created a mesh network. Just in case you are in the mood of expanding this mesh network, you can consider adding more nodes to the home network with the use of the Linksys mobile application.


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