Know About Linksys Velop Pro 7 Lightning-fast 10 Minute Setup

November 3, 2023 Grace Adams

Linksys is a renowned brand that manufactures WiFi networking gadgets equipped with trailblazing technology. On 26th October in Irvine, California, Linksys introduced its very first WiFi 7 mesh system i.e. Linksys Velop Pro 7. Well, what’s so special about this newest WiFi system rolled out by Linksys? Let’s find out.

Key Highlights – Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi 7 System

The setup time is 66% faster than previous models of Linksys Velop Manufactured with inspiration from Linksys Designer Series’ DROPLET design Multi-Link Operational (MLO) that is purposely built for WiFi 7

Is Linksys Velop Pro 7 Setup Really 66% Faster?

Yes, one can install the Velop Pro 7 mesh WiFi system much faster than previous versions of Linksys Velop. All thanks to the Linksys app. Given below are the points that will make you understand how you can rely on the WiFi 7 mesh router brought in by Linksys when it comes to the installation time:

  • Simple and effortless setup for home connectivity
  • You can set up your WiFi mesh system in only 10 MINUTES which was 30 minutes to 1 hour with the previous versions of Linksys Velop.

How to Set Up Velop Pro 7

TO SET UP THE LINKSYS VELOP PRO 7, you only need the LINKSYS MOBILE APPLICATION. Just connect the mobile phone to the Pro 7 network, launch the application, and walk through the on-screen prompts for installation.

Linksys Velop Pro 7 Availability and Price

Yes, the Velop Pro 7 mesh WiFi system is NOW AVAILABLE. You can buy 1-NODE PACK ($399.99), 2-NODE PACK ($749.99), or 3-NODE PACK ($999.99) depending upon your requirements. For your information, the WiFi system with a single node is recommended for up to 3 rooms or 1 floor (~3,000 sq ft).

On the other hand, Velop Pro 7 mesh system with two nodes is recommended for up to 6 rooms or 2 floors. It can blanket up to 6,000 sq ft. When it comes to the mesh system package with three nodes, you can set it up if you have a large house. Let us say, it has 9 rooms or 3 floors (~9,000 sq ft).

What are Linksys Velop Pro 7 Specifications?

The table given below will provide you with clear information regarding the WiFi 7 mesh system introduced by Linksys.

S.No Parameters Specifications
1 Dimensions (95 x 95 x 221 mm) x units
2 Operating humidity 10% to 90% relative humidity
3 Operating temperature 0-40 degrees Centigrade
4 Reset button Can reset the node to factory default
5 Security features 4 simultaneous SSIDs support to segment site and traffic securely Various wireless security encryption including WPA2/WPA3 Mixed Personal, Single Port, and Port-Range Forwarding Stateful Packet Inspection firewall
6 WiFi Technology 802.11ax for 2.4GHz and 802.11be draft 2.0 for 5 and 6 GHz Up to 320MHz Channel bandwidths and 4K QAM in 6 GHz MLO (Multi-Link Operation)
7 Easy Setup Set up and manage your network using the Linksys mobile application and prioritize devices if needed
8 Quality of Service You can set up priority for specific devices, services, or applications within the network to ensure usage of maximum throughput
9 Storage temperature -20 to 60 degrees Centigrade (non-operational)
10 Processor 1.5GHz Quad core
11 Storage humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing

Linksys Velop Pro 7 Mesh – At a Glance

Since Velop Pro 7 is promising to deliver performance based on WiFi 7 technology, here’s what we can expect from this new piece of technology:

  • Crystal-clear, ultra-fast video streaming and gaming
  • WiFi optimization up to a great extent
  • Cognitive experience troubleshooting support at the instant
  • Safe browsing online
  • Easy setup – ideally 10 minutes with the Linksys app
  • Compatibility with all previous WiFi generations
  • Engineered with Networking Pro 620 Platform

To Sum Up

That’s all about the newest mesh WiFi system launched by Linksys i.e. Linksys Velop Pro 7. Here, you got to learn that the mesh system will run on WiFi 7 technology and is capable of covering larger areas with a blazing-fast WiFi connection.

Moreover, we also discussed how to set it up in 10minutes using the Linksys mobile application. The app can be used to install every Velop Pro 7 model brought in by Linksys. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Linksys Pro 7 mesh WiFi 7 system and blanket every internet dead zone in your house with a superfast WiFi connection.


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