Linksys Velop Keeps Disconnecting? Let’s Get That Fixed!

March 25, 2021 Harry Baker

Linksys Velop is the best mesh WiFi system that enhances the existing WiFi signal strength providing complete wireless coverage throughout your home. However, similar to any other networking device, Linksys Velop is also prone to technical issues. And the Linksys Velop keeps disconnecting is the most common issue experienced by users across the globe.

If you are also struggling with the Linksys Velop keeps dropping WiFi connection issue, we have got you covered. In this troubleshooting guide, we will make you familiar with a few quick fixes to get rid of the WiFi connection dropping issue on Linksys Velop. Scroll down to read more.

Why My Linksys Velop Keeps Disconnecting?

There are three major reasons causing the Linksys Velop dropping the internet connection. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Your WiFi router is providing low signal quality
  • Frequency interference from other wireless devices
  • The firmware of your router requires an update

These were the reasons why the WiFi connection between your Linksys router and your devices like PS3, laptops, computers, or Xbox 360 keeps losing or is intermittent. Now, let’s get to know how to get it fixed.

How to Fix Linksys Velop Node Keeps Disconnecting Issue?

Check out the below-given troubleshooting ways to fix the Linksys Velop keeps disconnecting issue:

1. Change the WiFi Settings of Your Velop

Having default WiFi settings on the Velop may cause conflict with other devices within your network range. So, to fix the Linksys Velop randomly loses connection issue, it is suggested to change the WiFi name or SSID of your Velop and activate its WiFi security. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your Linksys Velop’s admin panel using a web browser.
  • After logging in, click on the WiFi Settings section.
  • Now, enter your preferred WiFi Name and WiFi Password.
  • Thereafter, choose your Security Mode and WiFi Mode.
  • Once done, hit the Apply button.

Your Linksys Velop will restart itself after the setting changes become effective. All WiFi devices will temporarily be disconnected from the internet. Once the Velop is ready, reconnect all your devices to it. If you get stuck at any step, feel free to contact our technical experts right now.

2. Reduce Wireless Interference

In the event that Linksys Velop node keeps disconnecting, check the below-given factors as these can significantly affect your WiFi signals:

  • 2.4 GHz Interference – Chances are that your Linksys Velop is operating on the same frequency as that of your cordless phones or other nearby devices. So, keep in mind to change the WiFi channel of your Velop and consider non-overlapping channels. As soon as you have changed the channels, power cycle your WiFi devices and check if still your Linksys Velop dropping connection.
  • Physical Obstructions – Maybe your Linksys Velop keeps disconnecting due to physical obstructions like floors and walls. So, try to relocate your Velop to a different location for a better WiFi signal.
  • Surroundings – Keep your Linksys Velop at a certain distance away from large metal objects, electrical appliances like microwaves, radios, or television sets, and water resources such as fish tanks.
  • Placement of the Velop – Once you are done with the Linksys Velop setup, position it as high off the ground as possible. While placing your device, it is suggested to leave a distance of nearly 2 feet between the antennas, walls, and ceiling.
3. Update the Firmware of Your Velop

Another way to fix the Linksys Velop keeps disconnecting issue is to update your device’s firmware. Here’s how:

  • Download the firmware file of the Velop on your PC.
  • Log in to your Linksys Velop’s web admin interface.
  • Click on the Connectivity option.
  • Hit the Choose File button.
  • Choose the firmware file you have earlier downloaded.
  • Click on the Start button.
  • Hit Yes and let the firmware update complete.

That’s how you can update your Linksys Velop’s firmware and fix the Linksys Velop keeps disconnecting issue. Still struggling with the same issue? Contact our highly experienced technical experts right away!

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