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Linksys Range Extender Setup Manual Guide


This is the Linksys range extender setup manual guide with which you can easily set up your new Linksys WiFi range extender at ease without any flaw.

Let’s begin with the physical appearance of your Linksys device. The indicators on the front of your range extender show you information about power, updates, and signal strength.

Given below is the detailed information about their functionalities.

Power Indicator Status and buttons:

  • A White light indicates that your device is starting up, resetting to factory defaults or updating the firmware.
  • Solid green indicates that your device is ready to use.
  • Solid amber indicates that the connection to the WiFi router is unstable.
  • Blinking green lights indicates that the connection between your router and the range extender is not so good. To fix this issue, simply place your router and the range extender closer to each other.
  • WiFi Protected Setup Button- Use the WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) feature to add compatible wireless devices to your home WiFi network in a secure manner. Please refer to extender.linksys.com web address for how to use the WiFi Protected Setup feature.
  • Reboot/reset button – Press and hold this button until the power LED on the front of the range extender begins to flash to reset to the factory defaults. You can also restore the default settings from Manage > Factory Presets page of the Range Extender Settings interface.
  • Ethernet (blue) – Use an Ethernet (network) cable to connect wired devices to your wireless network. When the Ethernet device is connected to this port and activated, the green indicator lights up. When the range extender sends or receives data through the Ethernet network for Linksys extender login, the indicator light continues to flash.

Linksys Range Extender Setup Instructions

Before you begin the Linksys extender setup process, make sure that your main WiFi router has a working internet connection. For a WiFi-based setup, your router must have a WPS button. WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) is a simple WiFi device connection that can be connected via a button.

Linksys Range Extender Setup

  • If your networking/WiFi router is equipped with a WPS button, follow the instructions below. If not, or if you are unsure, please refer to for Linksys range extender setup via internet browser.
  • Connect your Linksys range extender to a power outlet near to your WiFi router.
  • Once the Linksys WiFi extender setup process is completed successfully you can move the range extender to the optimal position in the next step.
  • After insertion of your Linksys extender, the LED on the front panel of your range extender will become solid green and will continue to flash for 1-2 minutes.
  • When the LED on the front panel of your range extender turns amber and continues to flash, proceed to the next step. This step can take about 30-50 seconds minute.
  • Expand your 2.4GHz network by pressing the WPS button on your main WiFi router.
  • Observe the LEDs on the front of your range extender to verify that the Linksys smart WiFi setup and login are successful.
  • If the LED turns solid green, the connection is successful. If the light turns to amber, the connection fails. Repeat the steps if the connection is failed using the 5 GHz network.
  • Now, extend your 5 GHz network. If your main router does not have a 5 GHz network, or if you do not wish to extend the network, you can skip this step.

Configuration and installation instructions for your Linksys WiFi range extender:

For configuration of your WiFi extender, simply press the WPS button. The WPS button will illuminate and the LED on the front of your range extender will begin to turn green and continue to flash. Observe the LEDs on the front of your range extender to verify that the connection is successful. If the indicator turns solid green, the connection is successful. If the light starts to blink amber before turning solid green, the connection fails.

Linksys WiFi range extender

If the connection to the router is unstable, then please install it on an outlet that is closer to your router. Connect your WiFi device to the range extender network you just created. Only choose the extended network to get associated with, on your device’s WiFi Manager.

Please note this down that if you want to connect your computer or laptop to the range extender wirelessly then the default network name would be Linksys Extender Setup-xxx.

Thereafter, enter in your browser. If you receive a prompt to enter your network name, enter your password (security key) into the Network Security Keys dialog box. Then click “OK”. Your computer or laptop will be connected to the extended network and you should be able to access the Login page and complete the setup process like a pro.

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