Is Your Linksys Extender Creating WiFi Connection Issues?

October 21, 2020 Harry Baker

People often face issues with their WiFi devices and Linksys is not an exception. Though there is a huge fan following of Linksys extenders around the world, users to report issues with the device and the most seen is related to WiFi connectivity. If your Linksys is also troubling you and you can’t surf the internet without any hindrance, then this post covers some proven fixes for WiFi connection issues with Linksys extenders.

You Linksys extender might be creating WiFi connection issues for several reasons, ranging from no internet connection to being placed at a bad location. While the reasons can vary from situation to situation, it is easy to troubleshoot Linksys extender WiFi connection issues. Check the tips listed below to figure out the problem behind the WiFi connection issue and fix it like a pro.

Fix Linksys WiFi Connection Issues

Before you try any hard-to-execute tips to fix your WiFi connection issue, it is suggested that you first power cycle your extender. This works in most cases and fixes the connectivity-related issues with a Linksys extender. To power cycle your Linksys, unplug it from its power socket and then plugin it back after a few seconds.

If this makes Your WiFi well-performing, congrats – you made it! Just in case, you need more troubleshooting tips to fix the WiFi connection issue, check the list below:

Your Wired Connections are Improper

Many network connection issues can occur due to loose or improper wired connections. To get it fixed, cross-check all the wired connections of your Linksys extender along with other devices and ensure everything is proper. If any broken wire is connected to any of your devices, replace it right away. Probably, doing so will fix the WiFi connection issue with your range extender.

A Lot of Wireless Interference is There

If you think that your extender is the one and only device that is broadcasting signals, let us tell you that it is just a thought. There are many household gadgets like electronic toys, fish tanks, cordless phones, aluminum studs, refrigerators, baby monitors, metal doors, Bluetooth devices, microwaves, etc, that can interfere with your WiFi signals.

Due to such interference, your Linksys might be creating WiFi connection issues. One method to fix this issue is to move the Linksys extender from its current location and keep it away from the aforementioned devices.

Another way to troubleshoot WiFi connection issue with a Linksys extender is to change your WiFi Channel. To do so, access the login page of your Linksys extender via IP address.

Overloaded WiFi Network

Over-usage of the WiFi network is one of the most common reasons making Linksys users come across with WiFi connection issues. Your WiFi can be overloaded if you are playing heavy games using the internet, downloading files in bulk, streaming web series, as well as surfing the web – all at the same time. Therefore, it is important to limit your internet usage.

Improper Linksys Range Extender Setup

A partial range extender setup can also result in slow or dropping WiFi connection issues. Thus, to fix this problem, ensure that your Linksys WiFi range extender is properly configured. If you don’t know the exact process to set up your Linksys, navigate to the home page of the site, and learn everything about the same.

Update the Linksys Extender’s Firmware

Still, your Linksys WiFi connection is running slow? If so, then updating the Linksys extender’s firmware can help you out. Check if there is a new firmware version available for your Linksys extender, and if found any, get it updated by accessing the extender Linksys login page by using the Linksys default password.

Hopefully, the steps listed above will help you get rid of the WiFi connection issues with your Linksys extender. If still, you are experiencing the same annoying issue, you can anytime contact our experts via email and ask them to fix it for you.


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