In-Depth Guide to Perform Linksys Router Firmware Update

May 14, 2022 Grace Adams

Linksys routers are one of the smartest networking devices available in the market right now. Apart from providing a blazing-fast internet connection, they let you connect multiple client devices to the network at the same time. But, have you ever thought about streamlining the performance of your WiFi router? No? Well, performing Linksys router firmware update not only improves its efficiency but also adds new security features to your WiFi device. Want to know how to do Linksys router firmware update? Read on to find out.

How to Perform Linksys Router Firmware Update?

Step 1- Open a Web Browser

Start the Linksys router firmware update process by opening up a web browser on your PC. To avoid any issue while updating your Linksys router, make sure that the web browser you have chosen is running on its updated version. If not, then update the browser right away.

Apart from updating the web browser, clear its cache, cookies, and browsing history to prevent the loading of a cached version of the router login page.

Step 2- Download the Firmware File

The next step is to download the Linksys router firmware update file. So, check the model number of your Linksys router and download the firmware file accordingly. Save the firmware update file at the most convenient location on your PC.

Step 3- Access the Linksys Router Login Page

As soon as you download the Linksys router firmware update file, get back to the web browser and open a new tab. Here, in the address bar, type the default IP address of your Linksys smart WiFi router. Keep in mind to enter the correct IP address of the router. Else, you won’t be able to prevent yourself from running into technical issues during the firmware update process.

Thereafter, press the Enter key. You will find yourself on the official login page of the Linksys router.

Step 4- Log in to Your Linksys Router

On the Linksys router login page, enter the default username and password of your WiFi device and log in to your router. You will be taken to the Linksys router setup wizard. Keep in mind that the default username and password of your Linksys smart WiFi router are case-sensitive. So, avoid acting carelessly while entering them.

Just in case you have customized the username and password of your router, consider using them to reach the Linksys router setup dashboard.

Step 5- Upload the Firmware File

On the Linksys router dashboard, click the Administration tab and select the Firmware Upgrade option. Now, you will be prompted to upload the Linksys router firmware update file. So, click the Browse button and find the firmware update file you downloaded earlier.

Once found, select the file and click Open. Thereafter, select the Start Upgrade button. The firmware update process will get completed within some time.

That’s it! The firmware of your Linksys router has been updated now. So, you can enjoy a high-speed internet connection with new features of the router.

But, it looks like you did not get success with the Linksys router firmware update process. If that is true, then walk through the next section and learn how can you get success with the firmware update process.

Tips for Successful Linksys Router Firmware Update

Tip 1- Never Use a Damaged Wall Socket

A consistent power supply is one of the essential requirements to successfully accomplish the task of updating the Linksys router firmware. And, that is not possible if you have used a damaged wall socket to power up your router. Therefore, avoid using a damaged or short-circuited wall outlet to power up your WiFi device.

Tip 2- Ensure a Reliable Internet Connection

The reliability of the internet connection is another factor that determines the success of the Linksys router firmware update process. Thus, make sure that your Linksys router is well connected to the host modem. In case of a wireless connection, place the router at a safe distance from the modem. If you have used a wired connection, then make sure that you haven’t used a worn-out Ethernet cable. And yes, the connection must be firm.

Tip 3- No Background Activities

Many users are so impatient that they start playing games amidst the Linksys router firmware update process. If you have also maintained your name in the same list, then mend your way right away.

What’s Next?

After following the guidelines mentioned in this post, you will be able to perform Linksys router firmware update and enhance your device’s performance. Just in case you are still having a hard time updating the router’s firmware, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts.


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