How to Stop Linksys WiFi From Disconnecting Frequently?

November 3, 2020 Harry Baker

Is your Linksys extender facing problems staying connected to your home WiFi network? Is the issue particular to a single device or over all connected devices? You don’t have to worry! We have various fail-safe solutions to help you fix Linksys WiFi keeps disconnecting issue.

No matter whether your smartphone suddenly gets disconnected from the Linksys WiFi network or showing sloppy internet, this article will help you get the issue fixed.

Fix Linksys WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Issues

Dropping Internet issues generally come into view when there are weak wireless signals. This can from the end of your ISP as well. So, before you give a try to the solutions listed below, contact your Internet Service Provider and ensure that there is no problem from there. If everything seems good, then try the hacks to fix the Linksys WiFi disconnecting error.

Reboot You Network Devices

Rebooting can be a good answer to fix the WiFi keeps disconnecting error. Sometimes, devices need a break. So, turn off your Linksys extender, router, modem, (if possible PC also), and unplug the power cable also. Leave all your devices in rest mode for some time. Now, again plug in the power cables of all the devices and turn them on.

Once done, try to connect your PC or smartphone to your Linksys extender via Hopefully, this fixes your Linksys WiFi disconnecting issue. But if not, don’t get embarrassed. There are still many more ways you can try to get rid of the WiFi keeps dropping issue.

Move the Extender Closer to Router

This is another best way to get the WiFi dropping issue fixed. If your extender is not in the range of your WiFi router, the internet can keep disconnecting. However, moving the extender closer to the router can solve the issue by establishing a strong WiFi connection.

Avoid Physical Obstructions and Interference

The frequency of your WiFi extender can be interrupted if there are physical obstructions or WiFi interference-causing devices that are placed near your extender or router. In such a case, place your extender far from physical obstructions and turn off the device that possibly could interfere with the signals of your extender, resulting in dropping internet connectivity.

Update Your Linksys

You can update Linksys extender firmware; it can be the easiest solution to solve the WiFi disconnecting error. You should update your Linksys with the most recent firmware version to see if that helps you fix the WiFi loss issue.

You don’t need to be anxious by thinking that how you can update your Linksys. Just click here and get to know all about how to do Linksys extender firmware update.

Change the Wireless Channel

If none of the above-cited possible fixes solve your Linksys WiFi signal disconnecting problem, it’s expected that the wireless channel your Linksys extender uses has to be changed. Most likely, the extender is set to the default channel. However, it has been found that channels 1, 6, and 11 are the best options for a WiFi device. Whatever channel you choose for your Linksys, make sure it is not congested, else try a different wireless channel.


We hope that you found this Linksys WiFi troubleshooting guide useful. Share your thoughts with us. If the problem is still making you baffle and you can’t find the solution to the Linksys WiFi keeps disconnecting issue, get in touch with our technical experts via chat or email and let them get the issue fixed for you.

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