How to Fix Red Blinking Light on Router [DIY Troubleshooting]

January 24, 2024 Grace Adams

Generally, the color red depicts danger. The same is the case with a networking router too. Whenever a WiFi router’s LED light pulses the color red, it means some serious actions need to be taken. You might have observed various lights (Power, WiFi, WPS, Internet, Ethernet, etc.) on your various router and all of them flash/blink red on different occasions. This post is written with the intention of telling you what the reason behind such a frustrating problem is. But, we understand that knowing about the reasons will not help you out. We will also reveal how to fix blinking red light on router.

We want to inform you that the troubleshooting process discussed here is in accordance with a LinksysWiFi router. You can follow these tips as they are if you have done Linksys router setup. But, you are supposed to use the IP and login details of the product you own if the router belongs to some other brand. Keep reading.

Reasons Behind Router Blinking Red Light

The LED light on your router might blink red if fluctuated power is being received by its Power port. You can also expect your router to blink red if it is not connected to the modem properly. Along with that an outdated version of the firmware also possesses the tendency to make your router flash the red color.

How to Fix Red Blinking Light on Router?

The hacks mentioned below will make you learn how to get the blinking red light on your WiFi router fixed. But, before you try them, we want to make you familiar with a universal hack that has 90% tendency to help you get the problem fixed. The hack is called rebooting and all you have to do is unplug the router from the respective power socket and wait for a moment. Not for a moment, but for 15 minutes. It will provide some rest to your router and also boosts its efficiency. After powering up the router, check whether it is still blinking red. If yes, then without any delay, start learning how to fix blinking red light on router. Here’s what you should do:

1. Ensure Stable Power

We do not feel the need to mention again that power-related problems are capable of making your router flash the color red. Thus, if you are an owner of a Linksys router, you must check its power cable. It is supposed to be genuine. It means the cable should be the one you’ve received with the router’s package. This point applies to the router’s power adapter too.

Besides, you are suggested to ensure that you have connected your wireless router to a socket that is free of all kind of damages. You can’t expect a damaged socket to supply stable power to your router. The case is quite different when the area in which you live suffers power outages. You must use a UPS in that case.

2. Connect Router and Modem Properly

We are sure that you have connected your Linksys router and modem through an Ethernet cable. But, what we are unsure about is that if you have used a non-damaged cable or not. Since the modem feeds the wired internet signals to the router, we can say that the modem acts as an internet source for the router. In light of the same thing, you must be very sure that both devices are connected properly.

Be very certain that you have not used a damaged cable to connect your WiFi router and modem. In addition to this, check if the cable is connected to the correct ports of your devices or not. Otherwise, forget about intended results, you will get no results at all.

3. Upgrade the Firmware

If fixing the router-modem connection and providing the stable power supply fail to help you resolve the issue, you should take one more step in learning how to fix blinking red light on router. You just have to make yourself about the firmware update steps of your router. Linksys routers can be updated via The steps to get the process completed are provided in the respective user manual of your product.

Upgrade the Firmware

But, keep in mind that while you update your router, does not disturb the router. Ensure that you have uploaded the correct firmware file on your WiFi device. Uploading wrong firmware file is never a solution but an invitation to a new problem that are difficult to handle.

The Final Resort

The tips and tricks provided above are enough to make you aware of how to fix blinking red light on router. But, we are even considering that 10% case in which there are chances that the problem will continue to trouble you.

If that is the case, you are supposed to opt for the router’s hard reset method. Just push and hold its Reset button with the aid of a pointed object. Your router will reset if the button is held for 7 seconds. After that, you can begin reconfiguring it.


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